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Do It Yourself Generation

Do It Yourself Generation

Psalm 147:11 The lord takes pleasure in those that fear him. In those that hope in his mercy.

In this modern day and age it is important to be seen as competent, efficient and striving to be the best at whatever you do. If you can’t compete you are out. It is a survival of the fittest. Most people climb over others, break promises, break ethics, speak lies and believe in aggrandising and promoting themselves just to ‘make it’.

Leveraging is a now word. Branding is another. The days when you come just as you are, those days are no more. For anyone to associate with you they need to know explicitly or implicitly what you have to offer them.People consider themselves ‘self made’ and there is very little room for a genuine acknowledgement of God as the orchestrator of their ‘success’. 

As important as it is to move with the times, never sacrifice what you can be in God for what you can be through your own efforts mainly. This is important when it comes to choosing your vocation, your career, your friends and associates etc. it is even important in the way you portray yourself and how you ‘sell’ yourself. God can see the bigger picture of your life much better than you can ever see. Don’t just go by what you are good at or what you can do yourself. Beyond manual, intellectual and economic power is supernatural power which comes from God. He gives you that power that can take the most menial, disrespected, inconvenient, uncomfortable, lonely thing, be it a job, a person, a calling etc and make it into something beautiful.

You may not always know where he is leading when he starts to lead. You may not be able to leverage or take advantage of circumstances like others can. You may not even be able to brand yourself by what you are good at but if you reverence God and allow him to lead and control events, you will become a ‘God Made Man’ which is far superior and longer lasting than becoming a ‘Self Made Man’ and when God takes pleasure in you even the sky is not the limit. 

Instead of striving to do it yourself, put God in charge and hope in his Mercy. He will take pleasure ( be interested, be supportive, be instrumental ) in all that concerns you. If God be for you, who can be against you.


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