Go Ahead – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo


Go Ahead

I hear a distant sound

The sound of a marching band

In the recesses of my mind

I imagine a troop

All in queue and brightly arrayed

Ready for battle

The battle called life.


The sound gets clearer

I hear the call to advance

Faces focused

Etched with bravery

Striding, Stomping

Marching Valiantly

To the gallant’s song


Tis not a coward’s trail

Soldiers trained and ready

Have travelled along this path

Its a march of the stout hearted

Ahead! No matter the cost

With minds made up

Resolves established

Determination secured


Ahead we go

No looking back

In queue, in order

Taking our places

Following the captain’s lead

There’s no retreat

Destination in mind

Marching into the battle

The battle called Life

Until the last breath is drawn

Ahead we go.

The March of Life.



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