Hope For Tomorrow – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

  • Worried about tomorrow? ……take a look.

    How can I

    Know for sure

    What tomorrow holds?

    How can I see beyond

    The troubles of today


    Feeble hands

    Tired Thoughts

    Reminders of my past

    Deep Regrets

    Time misused

    On things I thought will yield


    Cant go on

    All strength is gone

    And yet my spirit cries

    Arise and seek

    Your makers will

    His strength to you will come


    Hope renewed

    Direction seen

    To walk where angels dare

    How could I

    Not have seen

    A road so very clear


    A joyful heart

    Strength untold

    To do my makers will

    Now I see

    Beyond today

    There’s hope for Tomorrow. 

    That’s right


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