If I Were A Boy

If I were a boy

I’ll sit all day at my mother’s feet

Gleaning wisdom unknown to men

For where they refused to sit alone

Once long ago as little boys

There it is where destiny’s brew is made

If I were a boy

I’ll ask which one is best and true

The warrior’s cry or the coward’s shriek

When darkness looms what’s one to do

Am I to say my name out aloud

Or  hide away while it stalks my sacred ground

If I were a boy

I’ll chase a thousand adventurous winds

With free abandon and sheer delight

To see where each leads when it passes by

I’ll learn its secrets, lock them up inside

And hold the keys up close to my heart

If I were a boy

I’ll pay heed to the weakness within

I’ll cry as much as my eyes will let

For when I grow older I will be told

Real men don’t cry, that’s just too weak

They just shiver unseen to the naked eye

If I were a boy

I’ll yearn for my sister’s place just once so often

secluded and alone at our mother’s feet

I’ll learn how it is done of old by ones so wise

Women of  strength like our mum

Who had no choices, no real resources

But managed to hold their world together

So when my time comes to be a man

I will be prepared and ready to comply

With no complaints about my plight.

If I were a boy

I’ll use my father’s shoulders high

As a giant wall of  strength and courage

To sit and ride the storms unscathed

While I see what real men are prone to do

When darkness looms and night is near

If I were a boy

But lo I am only a girl

Trained and groomed at my mother’s feet

My heart is stout and ready for life

To brave the world within and without

I cannot fail, no matter what

I have learnt what some boys will never know

But who is to know, I am only a girl

A girl who grew up at her mother’s feet.


14 thoughts on “If I Were A Boy”

  1. This is beautiful, you were born to write and speak. Such wisdom, where have you been keeping all these. Simply beautiful!


  2. If you were a boy you would probably do what boys do:test themselves against other, bigger boys; count as trophies the scrapes and bruises that mar the skin while the inner ones–failure, defeat–burn from within like magma trapped beneath the seemingly dormant volcano. Girls can’t know the inner workings of that fuming mountain, and they’re fortunate for that.


    1. So happy I am a girl. Sounds ‘ horrible’. I empathise. Thanks for sharing. These are words you hardly hear from men. It’s time we hear what it’s really like to be a boy or a man from their own perspectives. Thanks again.


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