My Kitchen – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

Standing in my kitchen

I survey my empire

This is my domain

And everyone knows it too

It is my sanctuary

Where I can be with me

I did not choose it so

It opened itself to me

So If you are missing me

You now know where I am

I will be in my favourite place

And it’s out of bounds to you

My kitchen my sanctuary

It all started in a most peculiar way

‘Sweetheart, what’s for dinner’, he said

So into the kitchen I went

Soon it became an often thing

‘We are hungry mum’, they cry

And this is a constant theme

At least three times a day

I find I never have the chance

To leave this place, my kitchen

So what’s a woman to do? 

I made it into my sanctuary

My very own hiding place

It is well equipped and loved

With a laptop on the stove top

I type and cook as well

Great music is just nearby

Don’t forget the snacks in the fridge

The cooker keeps me warm

No need for coats or heating

A cup of tea is never far away

I have made it fit for me

Now it’s a job to get me out

Of my grand old hiding place

My sanctuary, my kitchen.

Its where I want to be


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