ENOUGH SAID!!! - Articles by Selasie Bulmuo

Living What We Preach

We have to live what we preach. Lord help us to do this even in the small and minute details of everyday life even when no one is watching. Let us be authentic and Genuine. No faking and no hypocrisy.

Help us confront our fears, the things that make us want to hide what is really going on inside because the truth is that we cannot hide from ourselves or from you. The only thing that makes us wanna hide the real us is the sin inside left unaddressed- iniquity.

We do not want to be full of hypocrisy and iniquity. If we continue to have unaddressed sins or faults which we try to hide from people by saying we are what we are not, our position of being hypocrites becomes more entrenched which makes it harder to be what you really want us to be and also causes us to be more separated from you because sin separates us from you. Help us Lord.

Also if what we preach we cannot practice ourselves then we are standing in judgement of others using a standard we cannot uphold ourselves. That is so wrong on every level. It makes people give up on ever attaining to what those ideals are without knowing about our own struggles and the Grace that is able to pull us or them through. Forgive us Lord for misrepresenting you this way.
Hypocrisy and iniquity not only affects us, it negatively affects others as well even strangers to us who may be observers of our lives. It keeps them from you Lord.

Enough Said!!!


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