The Writer’s Clock – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

What is this ticking in my head?

An inner clock controls  my mind

I am it’s slave, It gives no rest

Until my thoughts are poured ashore

Tired eyes longing to sleep

Dare not shut their sombre flaps

Tick tock tick tock so loud it sounds

This ticking noise still in my head

No choice have I, It’s prisoner I be

To sleep is out No chance of that

I have to write to calm my brain

Tis freedom’s sake, I grab my pen

Each stroke unwinds the clock within

White sheets of paper now fully filled

Not so loud  I am almost done

Calm down calm down you noisy clock

Tired hands, writer’s friend

Sleepy eyes it’s close ally

Seem to say to my aching back

Lie down and rest, the clock permits.

Tis morning now but steal a few

Pretend it’s night and sleep awhile

Before the writer’s clock awakes anew

Tick tocking tick tocking for a whole new day.


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