Oh Mother – Poem by Akosua Oforiwah



“who put that there?, clean that up!

Whose things are those, who left the pot on the stove?

That’s mother’s voice
Nobody gets why she shouts to get things done
But for mother shouting is the only language they hear
But inside her heart are soft prayers for her children
“You would show me who would do it for you when I’m not around” she says
But then she whispers to herself ” Lord keep me here longer for these ones”
What she lacks in words she shows it in deeds.
Always thinking of everybody but herself
She never learned how to say no to them
Her patience never wears out 
So she never gives up
Not on me learning how to read and write or learning how to cook when I became a teenager
Or becoming a good wife when the time came
Mother teaches well
Her kind heart nothing can compare
That’s how she was made
To be a mother
The embodiment of that which builds, heals and prepares
The strength of an army all in one
But she doesn’t realise it
She looks through the spectacle of life 
And all she sees are the hearts of her children which might be broken
And how helpless she feels 
Cus  she can’t protect them from all there could be
Oh mother
She doesn’t even hear when I say thank you 
So I decided to thank God for her instead 
Just the worry in her eyes is enough to break my heart
Yet there’s enough strength in her to give you 2 pieces of wisdom
I love you mother
For all God made you to be
I now understand why father always said “it had to be you”
My mother

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