To Be a Part of You – Poem by Akosua Oforiwah


You are always with me
I wake up with you in my spirit
In my dreams I see you and 
I carry you with me in my day
Your voice, your smile, your jokes, your thoughts
There’s never an Amen said without a mention of you
Is this what they call love
I don’t know what it means
Or how I must feel
But I wouldn’t mind giving a part of me for you
My prayer goes like this”if he’s ok, God I’m good”
A whisper from my heart to heaven
Only the best for you
The greatest that could ever be
The happiest a man can be
I don’t know all there’s to know about you 
But our hearts know it all
The passion we share
The laughter that none understands
And even the silence between us
Which only our hearts can interpret 
Although I do wonder how you feel
It seems I’m suppose to know
But I doubt myself Cus I’ve never been here before
So I pray and cry sometimes “God I’m here”
I don’t mind asking for directions
But I will rather get lost with you
My favourite times and sad times 
Are the ones spent with you
I smile when I see you
But my heart cries when you’re leaving
Just then I hear a voice
It won’t be long till there’s a beginning again
For I never want an ending with you
 I Just want to be a part of you

2 thoughts on “To Be a Part of You – Poem by Akosua Oforiwah”

  1. ” I dont mind asking for direction, But I would rather get lost with you”….wow this is deep and amaaazing and I love it..great work love!!!!keep it coming


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