Tenderness; Take My Hand – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

I have been told

That it’s allowed

To walk this apian way

Hand in hand with someone

‘Just anyone’, I asked?

‘No someone special’, they said

The choice is yours

To yourself be true

So I look to see

Who I should seek

Beauty, Brains,

Confidence or Success

Which one best suits me?

I did see others

Hand in hand

They walked on by

Two by two

Then I thought

I will please my eyes

I chose beauty

But it was just too vain

I looked again

Wealth seemed pretty good

I tried it too

But it wearied me so

I looked around

Everyone I saw

All paired up

They seemed to have it too

That elusive thing, happiness

So I tried their style

Party, party, loud and brash

No, no, no !

It’s not For me

Beauty, Brains,

Fame and Fortune

Partying, Fun

Hip Hop and Rock

Some Combinations

Are really not my scene

‘Cos satisfaction’s not guaranteed

My hand, my heart,

Pure treasure they are

I need to pair with a deserving one

The world it seems

Is a harsh place indeed

So come on Tenderness

You take my hand.

I know for sure

You will treat me right.

That’s what you are !


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