I Am Surrounded – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

I wish I could just live for me

You, I really don’t care about

I close my eyes

I can’t see you

That does not mean

That you aren’t there.

Free, oh free I said to me

Why should I  permit your words

To bother me when

Your concerns are certainly not mine

I am me and you are you

And that’s the way

It’s going to stay

Soon I find that I am not enough

Not enough to satisfy me

I need to know that you ‘get me’

But leave me alone while you do so

Don’t bore me down with your ‘issues’

I have enough of my own ideas

For a while I was fine with just me

But now I need to share my thoughts and views

I want to be unhappy with others too

And I want to share my joys as well

I am not made for me alone

If I be sad, I need some sad with me

If I be true, I need some true with me

Like it or not I need you so

I am community, that’s really me

Never alone, even if eyes are closed

I am surrounded by you and you and you

And that’s the way it has to be.

Me needs You.


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