Demystified – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

In she saunters

Majestic to look at

Her beautiful smile

A host to many secrets

Her poise is real

Unfeigned, not exaggerated

She is a lady

The best you’ve ever seen

Look in her eyes

And you still can’t fathom

There’s something there

You just can’t explain

If beauty radiated from within

She will be the perfect example

Of a pure angelic theme

She is not a child

She’s definitely a woman

That was years ago

Now she walks into a room

And she’s just one of them

Her weary eyes

Tell a long story

They bare her soul

Which has been bruised

She’s lost her poise

No longer radiant

If beauty can be tarnished

She will be the perfect example

Why this great change?

Where did all the mystery go?

Once she gave herself away

She never found it again

Her life is harried, no time to care

Stress and pressure, have taken their toll

Her carefree spirit is no longer free

She took on too much too soon

You can see the weights upon her shoulders

Her mystery is now long gone

Her identity locked up in the issues of life

The rain fell big, she didn’t escape

Why go to all that effort, when it feels too late

Worn out, fed up, that’s how she feels

No need to guard what is now no more

Demystified, that’s what she thinks

So why bother

To look any other way.

But deep within she has a thought

A spark, a memory revives her zeal

The queen in her has long been dormant

What the years have taken

She can retrieve

The best of wines

Are kept in waiting

Once she was just a girl

Pretending to be a woman

Now with these lemons life has handed her

She can make her very own special brew

Demystified? Oh no she isn’t

Where there was once pride

Now there’s pure virtue

Where there was once vanity

Now there’s great wisdom

What seemed like mystery

Was simply uncertainty

It takes the trained eye to see the difference

This one is strong, she won’t be banked

She’s found her way back from a cold lost world

She comes ready and prepared

Her weapons are unseen and hidden away

Don’t you dare think she doesn’t mean business

Be careful not to sell her short

For through the changing scenes of life

She has truly evolved into  WOMAN


2 thoughts on “Demystified – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo”

  1. i love it all but the bit that says,,,For through the changing scenes of life, she has truly evolved into WOMAN did it for me…i have read it over n over again….its simply deep…for me this is the one…great piece of work.


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