PORTRAITS OF WOMEN OF INFLUENCE – a Voice Over Mimed Skit by Selasie Bulmuo

Narrator Reads;

How can we escape the corruption of our times? The image of womanhood has been tainted. What do you see when you see the women of today? Are you encouraged or discouraged by what you see?

What do the women of bible tell us about womanhood?

–Interlude – Slow Praise Dance and sound effect ……… ( a few minutes and clear stage)


 Different kinds of women (women of the world) come through the various doors and walk slowly towards the stage, some in groups depending on their story.

Narration Continues:

What defines a woman?

Is it her feminity, her poise or the way she carries herself? (Pause)

 ( In comes the beauty  queen doing her make up and preening herself as she walks forward )

Is it her achievements, her courage, her tenacity? (Pause)

(In comes the  worker and her manager who is telling her off)

Followed by a  mother and her children,

Followed by a female Judge in her court room  

Other ‘types’ of women also start coming in as well – one after the other.


{Acting and Narration as below continues until the various characters become clear to the audience}.

It will take all the words known to man and more to define womanhood.

After all, it is said that a woman is a mystery. They come in various shapes and forms with different personalities and temperaments and abilities. Women’s influences can be felt everywhere in the world –in our homes and outside our home.   

A woman is as deep as the depths of the sea, as endowed with abilities as the creator could afford to put in one person. As versatile and changeable as life itself and as stable and enduring as time.

Yes, we come in many shapes and forms but our completeness, our value, our core essence comes from God and God alone. Only God can take any woman, and in spite of her history and difference, make her complete and whole. A total woman.

{Actors take various positions on stage and begin to get ready to exit one at a time.}

Narration Continues;

What is written is for an example to us. To see how others lived and brought glory to God, so we too can do the same.

So let’s learn from Portraits of Womanhood in the bible.

These women of the bible

So what were their lives like?

Did they live perfect lives? Certainly not.

Did they make mistakes? – Yes, often big ones too.

Their completeness was found in God

But this one thing is true for them all…they all became Total Women.

A Total woman, a complete woman is one who inspite of her background, her limitations, her mistakes is able to draw inspiration from God and rise above the challenges around her and release what God has placed on the inside of her – her very destiny, her purpose, her uniqueness, her ability to do the almost impossible, for she knows that with her God, nothing is impossible for her.

{Actors gradually clear off the stage, each role/ act at a time while narration still continues}

A complete woman does not need to flaunt who she is, she just lives who she is.

She does not need to compete with others, she just knows how to be herself

She does not rely on outward adornments and pride to make her confident

Her confidence comes from within,

She wears a strength which cannot be broken by life,

A beauty which is timeless and not corruptible by vain decorations

A purity that challenges the decadent norms of her times

Her word is her bond, She is known for her Integrity and faithfulness.

Virtue is her crown

She is not flighty, soon gone with the wind

She is stable, an anchor, a habour that many find refuge in

Her words are like fine drink to the soul

Even in her darkest moments she holds on to what is true

She has the capacity to put others first

Accolades  may never be sent her way

Nothing may be heard of her

For she has a quiet spirit, which is of great price to God.

He is her reward.

Her name may not be recorded in the annals of great achievers

But the very existence of human life and it’s continuity is held securely in her hand.

Interlude —- Praise Dance (Expressive 2 minutes colourful dance) with music

Narration Continues;

Come with me on a journey, lets look at some portraits of women who inspire us to carry on and to be complete and total, lacking nothing of value.


( Drum roll)

Narration Continues;

Let me introduce you to the un – named woman of Proverbs 31

(First Bible Character – The Virtuous Woman walks majestically in, her robe held behind her by two maidservants. She mime acts the following narration).

God says of her that her value is far above rubies.  Such a virtuous woman is not easy to find.

She works willingly with her hands.

She brings her food from afar. She rises while it is yet night, and gives meat to her household, and a portion to her maidens. She considers a field and doesn’t walk away because she cannot afford it nor does she borrow and gets herself into debt but with the fruit of her hands, she buys it and then she plants a vineyard.

She girds herself with strength, and she also strengthens her arms. She is not lazy, her candle does not go out by night.

She stretches out her hand to the poor, truly, she helps the needy.

Her husband is known in the gates, he sits among the elders of the land.

Strength and honour are her clothing; and she shall rejoice in time to come.

She speaks wisdom always and does not hurt others with her tongue but is kind.

She pays attention to her house and does not sit around being idle.

Her children rise up, and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.

Many daughters have done virtuously, but you excel them all.

Many people seek favour but favour is deceitful, and many seek beauty but beauty is vain:

You have shown us that a woman that fears the LORD, she shall be praised.

As virtuous woman takes her place on stage


Very Short Praise Dance  interlude .

Drum roll

Narration Continues

Please welcome Abigail

(Second bible Character Abigail suitably attired as a rich wife, walks in doing a miming act to the following);

Narration Continues;

The bible calls her a woman of good understanding and of a beautiful countenance.

I guess in today’s terms, you could say she had the double combination- beauty and brains.

She married a man who the bible describes as churlish, in other words careless … foolish oh but he was a rich fool.

He could provide her with the material things of life, but he had no fear of God or respect for man.

You can imagine how he treated her

Like one of the objects of his acquisition

Something to show off to his friends.

Nothing she said or did mattered.

Her wisdom was wasted on him

All her advice fell on deaf ears.

But God gave her an opportunity to exhibit her wisdom and sagacity to David, the future king ofIsrael. He recognised the treasure in her and when God took the fool away, David made her his queen.

Is your very existence despised as a woman by those you most want respect from?

God sees you

He can turn it around for you

He can give you an opportunity to truly shine just as he did for Abigail.

(Praise Dance Interlude as  Abigail takes her spot on stage and maintains that position).


Narration Continues;

Let’s hear the drum roll for Naomi.

Drum roll

(Bible Character Naomi suitably attired as an older sad, bitter lady walks in. She mime acts to the following narration)

Her name meant pleasantness

She started off getting what most women want

A husband, a home blessed with two sons.

She tried to make the most of what she had

Obeying her husband and trying to do the best for her family.

She gave up her place of birth

Her one true home to go on a journey to look for greener pasture

But there was nothing pleasant about her life in the foreign land.

She lost everything.

Her husband and her children

Disappointment and depression set in.

What do you do when all is lost?

How do you keep hope alive?

Who will identify with you when it seems you have nothing more to offer

Sorrow and bitterness became her portion.

Who can blame her

When She has lost what every woman treasures the most,

Her home, her children, her husband.

The time to recover was also no longer on her side.

But God did not forget her name or her identity

Her years had made her wise and cunning.

She found hope and meaning by helping another woman to inherit what would not have been due her.

You can live again

If you let God use your experiences, your life and your wisdom to help others move forward. You can live.


Interlude for Praise Dance (very brief  while Abigail takes her spot on stage)

Drum roll

Narration Continues;

Who is that coming out of the shadows;

Its Ziporrah

(Bible Character Ziporah walks in as a suitably attired exotic looking woman)


I bet you’ve hardly given her a second thought

But wait a minute.

By her hand a deliverer of the people of God was preserved from God’s judgement.

Only a lowly foreign woman

But strong and understanding of the ways of God.

Imagine what strength it takes to nurture a man of God,

To heal his wounded ego, to help him find his identity and be willing to release him fully to the service of God.

That is what Zipporah did for Moses.

She met him in his wilderness days, saw the greatness in him

Sacrificed her own identity and took on his vision and his assignment

She bore and loved his children

But the time came

When she had to make a choice

To love him enough to give him fully to God

A married woman living without her husband

Taking responsibility for her home on her own

What loneliness,…… but what strength of character

She stepped aside to let him devote his life to the service of God and his people.

She did not compete with God or the people for his attention.

She sacrificed her rights

What a secure woman, what an example of true love.



(Praise Dance  interlude Very brief while Ziporah takes her spot on stage)




(Narration Continues as Deborah walks in suitably attired as a brave woman)


Is that the sound of confusion I hear,

War all around.

The people under bondage, fear has made the valiant ones to hide

But there she sits all by herself

Doing her best to help when there was no help from anywhere.

She listens to their woes, she encourages and prays for them

She solves disputes and strengthens the weak.

Where does she draw her strength from?

From God her Master. She sees the people and the nation through his eyes

She decides that something has to be done.

She arises a mother inIsrael

She calls for a warrior to commission a war

He refuses to go to war without her.

But she is only a woman, only a woman

She takes up courage and faces the battle

She prophesies victory at the hand of a woman and it came to pass just as she said.

She worshipped and sung a new song to the Lord.

She did not carry a sword

She did not fight for positioning

She simply sought God’s heart and voice and obeyed.

What an inspiration she is.


© Selasie Bulmuo 2012


…..for the ending to this skit and to order tailor made skits for your events and occasions please leave a comment asking how to make enquiries and I will respond as soon as possible.


6 thoughts on “PORTRAITS OF WOMEN OF INFLUENCE – a Voice Over Mimed Skit by Selasie Bulmuo”

  1. I am working on a Woman’s program for our church. I want to celebrate the gifts God has given us to use for His service. Wanted to usw women in the Bible that are not talked about alot. I would love to know how this skit ends. Thank you for being a vessel God can use.

    God bless you.


    1. Hello Mary,
      Thanks for visiting my blog. This skit is left purposefully unended so that it can be finished to suit specific occasions. It was used once for a women’s program which sought to show the mix of ancient, modern women and the qualities of biblical womanhood that have endured over time. I like the idea of showcasing less talked about women of the bible. Ziporah is one of my personal favourites.
      If your women’s group wants to order a skit from me I am able to write what you will like. I can also end this skit to suit your particular message or occasion as long as it conforms to acceptable biblical doctrine and teaching.
      Once again thanks for visiting my blog.


  2. Dear Ms.Selasie Bulmuo,

    I,like Mary, in the above note would love to read the ending too. How do you wrap it up letting the women know that they are special no matter what walk of life they have been through or are going through each of those women had a different start and different back ground,but all had a love for God. we you please let me know. Thanks,


    1. Hello Sethia, Thanks for the interest in the sketch. I have left it unfinished so the ending can be adapted to suit occasions and the story or lesson that we want to portray, biblically of course. In terms of creativity, it can go anyway I choose really. If you require this sketch for an occasion or any other use, let me know what kind of ending you will like and I will write in for you. Better still, I sincerely believe everyone can write. try your hands at giving it an ending and share it with us. That will be lovely to read. Many blessings.


  3. Hello Selasie, The skit is lovely and inspiring. I am planing a mothers day program and would like to use the skit. How does it end. What is the message women today.


    1. Hello,
      Great to know you like the skit. Different groups have ended it differently depending on the occasion for which they are using it for, to get a particular message across to women.


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