You Are Everything – Song / Lyrics by Selasie Bulmuo

Jesus 3x

You are everything to me

My dearest friend

My Lord, My World

The king of my heart



You came into my life

And made me whole again

You took my sin and shame

And filled this soul with joy



You gave your life for me

Your love amazes me

Forever, my heart will sing

Of love that set me free.



My night is turned to day

You filled my life with peace

Your light dispels all darkness

And now my path is clear



All doubts and fears are gone

My Spirit is running free

That’s how I know you’re real

Because my life is changed




Jesus you are the reason

The reason I sing

The reason I dance

The reason I shout.


Note: These songs / lyrics are copyrighted to Selasie Bulmuo 2012. For Lyrics for your new album please ask how to make enquiries in the comments box below.


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