This Vessel – Poem by Deethah “KoningsKind” Brazier



This vessel is round, short and deep

So it was created by the Master’s hands

A word spoken, this vessel created

A name given, the Potter saw that it was good


Commanded by the Creator to bring forth

The fruit of every good seed hidden; out of sight

Created to serve, empowered to touch lives

A burning and a shining light


Set apart, separated for the Potter’s use

Rejected, used, forsaken, refused

Mocked, laughed at, tested, heads shaken

Such pain, shame, sorrow, heart broken


Brokenness, emptiness, loneliness, it cries

Seeking love, acceptance, companion amongst human lives

Not this vessel, No! Not this vessel they mumbled

It’s too round, too short, too deep, too humble


In a pit fallen, too shattered to stand

Commandment given, saved by the Master’s hand

Washed, anointed, clothed with silk

Exceeding beauty, converted, made whole again


Renewed with hope, joy, courage, the Creator’s love

Overflowing with His Spirit, now service above

Every hidden fruit, gift, talent, skills, ability

Out of this vessel flows, running over to strengthen humanity

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