Where Is The Fire – Voice Over Miming Skit (2 actors) – By Selasie Bulmuo

Inspired by Psalm 45

Where is the fire?

Where is the Zest

Where is the fiery princess?

Who is to be my queen?


What is this I see


Like a phoenix rising from the ashes

Trying to put on beauty

Beauty, Beauty … for Ashes


Who is this I see?


Is that the king’s Daughter?

Her face stained with tears?

Her royal robe in tatters?

Broken and limping?

Struggling to survive?


{Finally she looks up

Looks up at me

Straight into my eyes

Eyes full of love for her}


So I ask;

Are you my fiery princess?

My betroth, my Queen

Where is your fire?

Where is the glory of your youth?

Where is your clothing of fine gold?

Where is the honour I bestowed on you?

What did you sell it for?


And then she responds;

I have travelled far and wide.

Been deceived, used, abused

My feminity soiled

My confidence all gone

And now here I am

Here I am with you

Can you help me please?


(Pause ..Silence)

She speak again (as if to herself)


What is this I sense?


A spark, a shimmer, and …..

But I feel a tingling deep within

I hear a crackling sound

These old bones are coming together again

An inkling, a thought, a hope, a dream…


 What is this I sense  


A spark, a shimmer, ..…?

I’m rising out of the shadows,

Out of my deep slumber.

I’ll recover

He still loves me.


What is this I see


A spark, a shimmer, fire?

Sorrow is making way

Darkness is retreating

Cant seem to pull me under

His presence is all around me

I remember who I am.


What is this I see


Not just a  spark,

Not just a shimmer

More than a fire

I’m ablaze again.


Now I’ll tell you who I am

I am the daughter of the King of Kings

I am among his honourable women

My garment is of pure gold.

I’m all glorious within

The king greatly desires my beauty

He is my Lord

And I worship him


I shall be brought to him

Along with the virgins who are my companions.

With gladness and rejoicing

We shall enter into his palace


Yes, the palace.

That is where we belong

Standing at his right hand

All dressed in Gold.

Glittering within and without.


Words by Selasie Bulmuo

Inspired by Psalm 45 : 9 -15

Performed by Praise Intenz for GLITTER 2010



Note: If you will like to order a skit or a paly for an event or an occasion please ask about how to make enquiries in the comment box and I will respond as soon as possible.

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