Its A Man’s World – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo


Engines cranking

People bustling

Hurry  hustler

No slow lane here


Faces set

Ready to roll

Muscles bulging

It’s all about the adrenaline


No mirrors here

No pretty beauty queens

No stilettos and painted toes

This is a man’s world


To walk in my shoes

You must be swift footed

‘Cos where persuasion fails

Force must be applied


Fools get trashed here 

Ego and Ambition

Disguised as Diplomacy

Sharp wittedness is key


It’s a race for supremacy

I have to be the best

Crown me king of the jungle

This Jungle in the city


No one tells you

The other side of the story

Much motion, less progress

Worn out, false bravado


Refuelling needed

Downtime in my hiding place

The lion’s mane needs stroking

When all is done and quiet


Real men are made or maimed here

Alone with a kingmaker

Whispers of encouragement

Or words of disdain


Crowns for my head

Or arrows in my heart

If I loose my nerve

I can no longer roar


I need my inner shout renewed

Not my kingly mane cut off

Which ever fate I meet

Decides how I return


Conqueror or conquered

Can I hack it in a man’s world?

It’s all linked you see,

A man’s world and the real world


There’s no telling

Which I think I am in

A man’s world, is it really?

My hold is weak, if she so chooses

 Winner or Looser, you choose



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