Stilettos And Pumps – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo


Are you a stiletto lady

Or a pump woman


The two are different

You know


One is high

By reason of leverage


The other is lower

By reason of choice


Choice? she said

I have no choice


My task decides

Which one I wear


I can do both well

But not all at once


I find that often

I can do just one


Going to my office

I need my stilettos


At home in the kitchen

Best wear my pumps


Night out with my guy

I need my stilettos


Chilling out by the pool

Both are discarded


Out on the streets

Which one will do?


It all depends

If I am serving or being served


Can’t wear stilettos

To feed the hungry


Can’t wear stilettos

To clean the grime


Can’t wear stilettos

When others are so low


Got to come down a notch

And rhyme with the masses


Can’t wear stilettos

Oh no not today


I have work to do

They do not match my dungarees


Come the evening light

And you might mistake me for the stars


Cos that’s the time

I chuck my pumps


I can rock both ways

Heck more ways than two


That’s me you see

I can abase and abound.


 Sometimes slow down, come down, you’re too high up there.


6 thoughts on “Stilettos And Pumps – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo”

    1. Hmmm, are we (ladies) deep down still on the look out for our princes or trying to impress them once we’ve found them…… with our stilletos?
      So what will impress the prince?

      Thanks Eric


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