I Don’t Like Change – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo


Oh how I wish

I could just stay put

In my dinghy old house

For that’s the place where

All’s right with my world

All I own is right there with me

I’m satisfied with what I have

I don’t want change

I don’t like it much.


Change makes me uneasy

I like control

My comfort zone

Is the safest place

Leave me alone

I am satisfied with my lot

I don’t want change

I don’t like it much


I admit I’m scared

Of what is out there

It might show me up

For what I really am

The world seems so tough

Too much competition

I’m not that into winning

It’s much too tedious

I’d rather not try

I don’t want change

I don’t like it much


I’d like some respect

Don’t like disgrace

Let me live in my head

I can build castles there

Imaginary castles in the air

No need for me to try

To be daring like you

You are so brave, well I’m not

Change just scares me

I don’t want change

I don’t like it much



So scared of failing

And disappointing you

So let’s pretend I’m so happy

To sit right here

In my old rocking chair

In this old dinghy house

Go conquer the world

I will be here waiting unchanged

Just getting older and wasted

I like my clutter, dusty old books

Poems and stories

Scribbles and inky papers

I ‘ll travel the world, all in my head

I don’t want change

Its much too hard


Maybe one day

I will wake up and find

That the world has left me behind

Then maybe, just maybe

I will try that ‘change’

But for now

I don’t want change

It’s much too hard

 Its inevitable. You have to change






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