Gone Without Me – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

He is gone, he is gone

But I saw him just the other day

How could he be gone

Without another embrace

Without saying goodbye


I can’t accept it

I won’t accept it

Don’t you dare cry

What are your tears for?

I tell you now

He can’t be gone

It’s just not possible

Can’t be gone without me.


I call out to him

Surely he will respond

He knows my voice

Be quiet and let me listen

Please respond so my heart can prove

That you are not gone

Can’t be gone without me


Everyone’s crying

They wonder why I can’t

It’s because I can’t accept it

That you’re no longer here

Can’t be gone without me


My heart is cold and numb

They said tears will help

Even if I wanted to cry

I can’t seem to find the tears

I know you can’t be gone without me


Still no response?

Perhaps you are really gone

How dare you do that to me

Without saying a proper goodbye

Can’t blame you though, you are not here

My anger needs a vent

My greif is overwhelming

You can’t be gone without me, Can you?


So angry, so anguished

Can’t speak, can’t cry

Going through the motions

It seems real that you are not here

Am I dreaming? It’s a full blown nightmare

Wake me up now, someone please

He can’t be gone without me


No thoughts, no emotions

Except this deep nothingness in my heart

Could it really have happened?

Without my permission?

Busy, I must keep busy

No need to crumble, I must stay strong

It seems you left without me, left me behind.


But now it’s all quiet

The noisy comforters are gone

And still you are not here

I think it is true,you must be gone indeed

You really are gone, left me all alone

This wetness on my face

They are tears I cry for you

From deep within that empty space

These tears, they flow like a river 

My heart is dreadfully heavy

I can hardly bear it

They call it grief

Such a simple word,

To describe this ceaseless pain

Will it ever end?

You will always be gone, without me

 See you there on a day unknown.


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