Out of Your League – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo


When the fancy takes you

To compare and contrast

Make sure your list

Does not include me

We may seem the same

But that’s where it ends

There’s nothing to compare

I am way out of your league


Just try to be yourself

This I know you are good at

Trying to be like me

Is such a wasted effort

Before you catch up with me

I am way ahead again

It’s about time you realised

That I am way out of your league


I know you are an admirer

Pretending not to be

Just be honest this once

Let me be me and you be you

Don’t get distracted

Your race is yours alone

I can’t be you even if I tried

I like your style but I have to find mine

Your ideas are good

But I could get lost in translation

I’m definitely definite

That we are in different leagues


If heroes are made

Then my mould was cast

Inaccessible to you

I am an original

No one else like me

Feet planted by grace

This track is uniquely mine

So don’t try it out,

You just might burn out


I won’t stop you

Competition is allowed

Overtaking is unguaranteed

I am way out of your league

 Distinctly, uniquely, authentically me. And you, are you?




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