The Joys of Adoption – Smile baby Smile – poem by Selasie Bulmuo



I think I see sunshine

Golden sweet sunshine

When you smile at me


I think I catch a glimpse

Of the face of God

When you smile at me


Toothless gummy smiles

Twinkly baby eyes

They say you are happy to be here

To be here  at home with me


So Smile Baby Smile

It’s the most beautiful sight

Better than the heights of Everest

The scenery of your face

Charms my very heart


I know you were not mine

But I have waited long enough, my darling

My precious bundle of joy, for you


When I hear what they said

About your plight and pain

Abandoned by your mother

I can scarcely take it in


Could she not see what I see

An angel in disguise

Left unloved, unattended

In a world so undeserving


So glad we found each other

You fill the space inside

Which I thought will swallow me


My arms so ached for you

I bless the day I found you

They called to say to me

She is here, your baby girl

No longer did I need to wait

For a dream that never could be


So Smile Baby Smile

I am your family now

No frowns from life for you

No more abuse and tears


Smile Baby Smile

I see me in your eyes

The way I was meant to be

We are so connected, no matter now

That my womb did not host you


Smile Baby Smile

And all is well with my world.

To have a child not biologically yours, to love him/her forever is divine

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