I Aim To Please – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

Please Sir

What did you say?

I am patiently waiting

To take your order

Quiet and attentive

I’m ready, ready to serve

Go ahead, State your choice

I will be fast to respond

I aim to please


Soft and warm napkins

Warm plates to match

Beautifully laid table

Decorated with beauty

Scrumptious meals too

Just choose from my menu

It’s all available to you

I aim to please


No need for talk

But if you will, I can sit for a while

Your wish is my command

I will listen to all your woes

And your ‘not so funny’ jokes

I will laugh and squeal

To your heart’s content

I aim to please


Manicured hands will serve

They will move at your command

What did you say Sir ?

Some water to wash it all down ?

How about the best juice in town

I’ll pour you a long cool drink

To quench your thirst

I am gracefully positioned

To fulfil your dreams

I aim to please


I have learnt well

Prepared and trained

My hands are set

To receive their reward

So before you order

Check if you can afford it

Now and time again

Or else no need to even taste it

You could become addicted

I aim to please


Honed to perfection

I will not disappoint

A rare breed I am

I was made to serve

I am the wife you seek

Yes, I aim to please


Worth it? I most certainly am

The high price listed is no mistake

Check the maker’s catalogue

You will see I am one of a kind

Before you sit and order

Make sure you’ve seen the price tag

I aim to please


I am wife supreme

Not forced or pushed

I choose to serve

With all I have

An answer to your hunger

I aim to please.


Did you come prepared

Prepared to pay the price?

I am totally worth it

I aim to please.

 All Yours. If you can handle the price, and keep affording it over and over again.

State your views......please.

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