Hunger – The Emptiness That Feeds Your Passion

Hunger – the emptiness that feeds your passion.

It is a tragedy to fill up with just anything consumable so your hunger can be quenched. Control your hunger,  make sure you lead it. Don’t be led by it without your permission. Only satisfy it with what gives you life. Let your hunger nourish your passion not dampen it. Feed it with the best, the choicest, not with junk, so your passion can be inflamed and your fires can burn brighter.  This is the way to excellence.

Mediocrity seeks the shortcut, it seeks to be satisfied quickly and it leaves you lethargic, disappointed and uninspired……and fat.

Hunger is good. Use it well…..just in case you are confused I am not talking about the hunger for food but if food is what you hunger for, then the above applies too.

Selasie Bulmuo


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