A Young Mother’s Melodrama – Help!! – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

The day is sliding by

A million things to do

I am so overwhelmed

I just can’t get started


Which should I tackle first

The washing or the cooking

The children need to be fed

Two more servings for the day


The baby cries for attention

The younger one cries out too

‘He hit me again mummy !!’

Referring to his older brother


This scene plays out everyday

By the time I sort their petty squabbles

I forget what I was doing before

Oh no ! The baby’s still crying

She’s thrown up all over

And I don’t mean just her feed

It’s 11 am already

And I have yet to start one thing

The house is still a mess

I am more of a mess than that


It’s not that I don’t plan

I plan so well you’d cry

If you happened to see my list

Even a CEO does not come close


I have goals and ambitions too

They just never seem to get started

I want to get more education

And go to work like others


But first I must sort these out

100 minor tasks for the day

Stop shouting kids! I am trying to concentrate

Oh heck, I need a break


A cup of tea and biscuits

And a little daytime TV

Now the baby is napping

I can sit down for a minute or so


Who’s that on the phone?

Better find out, might be ’bout a bill

It’s Angie, she wants to chat

It’s been ages , I miss her so


So another hour’s come and gone

I hear the baby crying

TIme to go now Angie

It’s baby feeding time again.


‘Hey boys what are you watching now’

They’ve been stuck in front of that TV

All day now keeping themselves going

I am such a bad mother

I meant to take them out for a walk

It’s a sunny day outside

They’ve been stuck at home all day.


Ok rewind, ttsssssssst…, that’s my brain

What task is left to do,

I have to tidy up now

Before I start on dinner


Oh no!, the washing is undone,

The children haven’t had a bath

I haven’t had a bath

And Dad will be home soon.


I hear a key in the door

The children squeal with joy

Daddy! Daddy! They run for him

As if escaping from a prison


I smile at him

Hoping he can’t see

The messy house and messy me

But then he dares to ask

”What’s for dinner?’ I am so hungry’

Someone give me gun,

I need to shoot or I’ll die

It’s just a phase, you will be alright. Plan and plan and do more plans and stick to the plan, that is the realistic plan.


2 thoughts on “A Young Mother’s Melodrama – Help!! – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo”

  1. Whew! and I thought MY day was busy! lol..I am glad those days are behind me, but I still think of them from time to time, especially now that the babes all have their own broods to watch over.


    1. Its a hard life being a young mother. I thought I was done with it but then I go and have another baby. My beautiful little daughter. I don’t have the luxury of the woman in the poem though. I have to go to work! Help!


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