[Getting To The Top] – Stardom! – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

The lights are bright

It’s a glittering affair

I hear the sound

Of adoring fans


They love me

They want me

I can do no wrong

This is my moment

The stage is mine


I am the centre of attention

I am taking my place

It belongs to me

No sharing this spotlight

Its all about me

I am the best among the lot


Can’t say what I am thinking

Got to keep up the pretence

This fame and adulation

They have gone straight to my head

But can’t you see

I put up a smokescreen


My humble words,

They are just an illusion

I hope I don’t have to spell it out

This show is all about me

I am a star

I deserve to be


Make sure you never

Stand in my way

You will be trampled upon

I am the star of the moment

My profile, I have to maintain.


I must be in control

Of every little detail

It must all point to me

Or it can’t be featured

Dont you know

Nothing happens in my world or yours

Without my express permission


Be there when I say

Pander to all my whims

Otherwise, an enemy you are

Everyone is a suspect

They want to upstage me

Cant trust no one

I must make this last

I must remain

The centre of attention


As long as I live

I have to keep control

Of you and you and you

I have to remain king

King of this very hill

I am a star in the sky

And I am not coming down

Not till my dying day

And even then, Who Knows……..

Just like a child pretending to be all grown up.


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