You Are (Therefore I am) – Poem by Deethah ‘Koningskind’ Brazier

You Are

(Therefore I am)


Since the beginning

You Are

Three in One, the One is Three

In the end You Are

You reign for eternity


Creator of Heaven; Your dwelling place

The earth beneath; your foot stool

The waters under the earth

There is none like you

You Are


Creator of man

Creator of beast

The fowls of the air

The whales of the deep

You Are big, You Are beautiful

Everything is in your presence

You Are


The God of my fathers

The God of Abraham

The God of Isaac

The God of Jacob

The God of the children of Israel

You Are my God


You Are the great I Am that I Am

The son of God

My wisdom, my strength

You Are my everything


You Are the true vine

The Light of the world

Holy, only You Are Holy

Merciful, Almighty God

To You belongs all the Glory


Abba Father, I am because You Are

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