I AM (Because You Are) – Poem by Deethah ‘Koningskind’ Brazier.

I am

(Because You Are)


I am created

I am called

I am anointed

For this cause


I am filled

With God’s Spirit

In wisdom

In understanding

In knowledge

To bring forth, to testify


I am bless

To be a blessing

I am grateful

I am honoured

I am humbled

Approved by God


Washed by the blood of Jesus

I am forgiven

Saved by His Grace

I am a disciple

I am a follower of Christ


I am a friend of God

An angel

Sent from Heaven by God to touch lives

I am separated

I am a priest, I am a king


I am the branch

Abiding in the true vine

Forever in His presence

I am God’s beloved

I am who God says that I am

I am a child of the King “KoningsKind”


Abba Father, You Are therefore I am.





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