For My Mother – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

I woke up today only to be told my mum had passed on in the early hours of the morning. These were some of my thoughts. They may not make sense, but bear with me while I start this journey……………
Thoughts of you
Fill my mind
Your passion
Your drive
Was like no other
You touched so many
With your singular gaze
You lived as only you could 
Despite your misfortunes
Many were transfixed
By love or hate
You did not leave any
In doubt of your presence
You were a doer
Never a dull moment with you
We all sought to be loved
To be loved by you
Busier than the wind itself
You had no time to spare
For idle talk or unstriving ones
Who did not understand
This world was your stage
And you gave it your best act
Many words to say to you
But you needed to rest
From contentions and anger
From those who wanted to hear you say sorry
All that was left
Was to spend a little time with you.
Grateful for the quiet peace
To just be together for a moment
No need for indepth conversation
All matters were settled
By simple embraces
Thank you for your last days
They were a blessing in disguise
You caused many hearts to heal
Without a word from you
You gave the time for embraces
That will never have been possible
You gave back the love and care
That you needed yourself in the end
God bless you mother
How can he not
You gave birth to such a one as I
You lived your live to the full
Now rest in peace
Rest, rest, rest
You truly have earned this rest.Bye bye Mama – 29th March 2012

7 thoughts on “For My Mother – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo”

  1. Selasie, I am sorry for your loss. I send a hug, my prayers and hope of the clouds to pass quickly, leaving the warmth you write about in their wake, to remain in your memories.


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