{Seeking ‘Angel’} – Walk This Side Of Heaven With Me – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

If we could design our own angels

You will be my prototype

You are to me a guiding light

A helping hand when no other one I see

Your voice, it calms the strangest sounds

It speaks peace into my weary soul

 I do not yet know your name, angel

But I know your essence, Your very presence

So I decided that you must be the one

Who guards the gate to the heaven I seek

Heaven is when my mind is restful

Heaven is when my gaze is sure

Heaven is all colours bright

Filling my world and gloom is gone

So if you are the one I paint today

If these words describe your kind of heart

If your hand is the one stretched out to help

If your voice is the calming one among the lot

If your essence can wrap around my being

Then please it is you I seek, angel

Come walk this side of heaven with me

‘Cos with you, heaven is what I know I’ll find

I have long walked my lonely earth alone

Come angel, walk this side of heaven with me.

 Angel mine. Trully mine. My Angel, My sent one.



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