[Mentoring] Living In A Dream – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

I am indeed

living in a dream

So real so vivid

I see so clearly

A place designed like no other

Where all I touch just turns to gold


I am surrounded by style and pomp

All my desires are at my fingertips

I feel chosen

Like a king enthroned

I sit upon my throne up high.


I can see also from whence I came

The trouble and the dark despair

I see the journey I have travelled so far

Unkind the road that led me here

But so distinct from all the others

It was plainly lit

By trials and falls


But there is one

Still standing there

Upon that road on which I trod

As if to say look here my king

There’s others still on this tired way


I see myself step down to reach

To those I know will come this way

I put my hand within their hand

And whisper gently

Come up the road


I reassure that there is a throne,

A crown, a place reserved for them

If they will but take one more step

There is a place and it is waiting

Waiting For those who dare forward


I know this for a fact, I said

Because I am just one of them

Of them who have made it through

There is a place

Where your rest is held

There you too will ascend your throne one day

All that you touch will turn to gold

Come on my friend, let’s live the dream.


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