[Life Lessons] – The Bus Stop – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

I like to stand and gaze

To learn a thing or two

Of life and its varied subjects

I mean the human kind


I stood a pace away

From a busy city street

To see the bustle called life

As it unfolded at the nearest bus stop


Join me to see the plot

A throng of people moving

Where to I donot know

Differing paces, differing looks

Some ahurrying, some relaxed

In all directions to and fro

Some together, most alone


I see a red long bus approach

Different perspectives

Depends on your stance

For those already waiting

A simple climb in

Others were running

To catch that bus

Still other sitting inside unscathed

By the drama of the outside world


I learnt a lesson so very true

Three groups of people

you will always meet

Everyone it seems is trying

Trying to catch a long red bus

Some are in so unperturbed

Some are waiting for the bus to come

Some are late and must run a mile

Whatever the case

We all must try

Try if just once to catch that bus

Red, blue, short, tall, big, small

We will one day all have to catch one

 Whatever you do, whatever your game, whoever you are, you must get ready for your bus.


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