I Need Love – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

I am like a big warm desert stone

Exposed to the whims of the elements

Unshielded, left unprotected

I cannot move to a place of freedom

I am imprisoned in this ground.


My body tells the horrid story

Of the fate I have been dealt over and over

By those who have passed this way

The howling  dry wind

The great desert storms

The  burning sun, so hot, so fierce


But the ones that grip my heart with pain

Are the lonely traveling pilgrims

Who sat and rested on my back

And put their feet on me awhile

But never thought to make their home

With a lonely desert stone like me


I thought they felt my loneliness

I thought they understood

But after they used me for a seat

They did not build a shield, a covering for me

I thought they will remember

The comfort and rest I gave so willingly

But one by one they just moved on.

Leaving me behind to my cruel desert fate


I am not as useless as I feel

I can remember the dreams we shared

When on my hard back you laid your pilgrim head

‘Cos no other pillow could you find

I can remember my arms were ready

To hold and carry all your luggage

I kept them intact while you explored nearby

I know your riches and your baggage

All the stuff, good and bad you carry with you.


But still you left me behind

Weaker than I was, when you first came along

You left me to the whims of the harsh elements

I long for one who will decide

To stay and brave the desert storms with me

I am a lonely desert stone

Imprisoned by this ground on which I stand


I wish I was free to go like you

So no more strangers can come along to use my back

And leave me behind when morning comes

Come stay with me oh pilgrim one

Let’s build a tent that will withstand time

I will be your comfort and you my shield

We will love each other till the end of time.

 Loneliness, the condition that disables even the great.


4 thoughts on “I Need Love – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo”

  1. I love the way you write your poems. 🙂 This one’s really good !
    And yes, thanks for suggesting me a good title for my poem. I’ve chosen that for another poem I’ll be writing soon. 🙂


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