Opportunity Comes But Once – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

Opportunity they say

comes but once

Maybe twice

If you are very lucky

What you do when the gong is hit

Determines your placement when all is done


Intentions like birds

Can seldom be caught

They fly away to never never land

So please strike while the iron is still hot

Your good intentions  for tomorrow

They are no good here.


When opportunity knocks

Be quick to answer

It likes to know that it was expected

Those unprepared don’t hear the knock

And if by chance they meet this guest

They are too surprised to know what to do


So better be all dressed and ready to go.

Opportunity always has golden adventures

Making dreams come true despite the odds

It never serves it’s food when it turns cold

Scrumptious hot meals must be eaten at once

Now or never, it’s anthem never changes


It comes prepared, delay is taboo

If it can’t find you at your address

It means your location was missing you

Guess what, that chance will pass you by


Before opportunity comes round again

Too late for you, may never happen

‘Cos there is a crowd of eager ones

Well prepared awaiting their turn to go

I can assure you, they will not miss

Opportunity’s arrival like you just did


They will take your place as the guest of honour

And show opportunity

That they are it’s true match

So beware, prepare or else you loose

And live as one who never took the chance


You will have company

You did not want

Regret and lack will gladly come in

Without your permission, without knocking

To live with you the rest of your days.



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