{Immaculate Conception} Who Is The Father – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

 Who is the father?

They all wanted to know

It’s been nine months

No answers yet

She was just sixteen

The world at her feet

Ready to be unveiled

As the woman she was becoming

Young beauty themed

With vitality and spice

Nothing wasted

When it came to her

Her happiness indeed

My supreme purpose

She was my daughter

My girl, daddy’s girl

With tears

streaming down her face

She said ‘ I am sorry daddy’

I can’t tell you his name

I am sorry daddy

I know I have hurt you so

I did not mean

To make you sad

I fell in love

With a secret man

Thought he could love me

Just like you do

And be all mine

Never let me down

He said he loved me

He called me ‘his little angel’

Made me feel special

Said he will never leave me.

It started when I turned fourteen

The summer you left home

He visited mummy often

It felt alright again

Just like it was

When you were still at home.

He brought me gifts

Gave me a special smile

Even called me ‘ toothsy’

Just like you used to do

That time long ago

When you were still at home

I guess you know now

Who it is I mean

The father of my baby

Is your old friend, Mr Tom

You know he can’t be named

For his family’s sake

He has a daughter just like me

She will loose her father

Like I did that year

That summer when you left

Left us to be with her

With your ‘little new angel’

Who was just sixteen

The wrong doing of the fathers is perpetuated to the innocent generations following. We cry for the children.


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