Providence – The Master Craftsman


 There’s one thing

We all have in common

We have ourselves

To take care of

Then others too

If we are the sharing kind.


What to eat

What to wear

Where to live

What to do


These are the thoughts

With which we strive

It’s a daily climb

To arrive no where


But every question

Deserves its answer

Where to find them

Is often the mystery

We are not abandoned

Answers are waiting

The Master Craftsman

Does come thorugh


Before you and I

ever came to be

Providence made a decison

To prepare our provisions


And when we all

Jointly, hand in hand

Place a true demand

It welcomes each one 

To its furnished table

There’s a seat at the table

With your name on it


Supplies are limitless

They never run out

The only embargo

Is that you seek well

It will find you

And take you in


So when worry comes

Just show your ‘invite’

Tell it you are known

At Providence’s gate

Where provision

Has long been made

For your needs

And mine as well


All we have to do

Is make the journey

We will be sustained

Along the way

You have to go to it

It doesnot come to you

The Master craftsman

Awaits your order


So come on now

Get moving and active

The pity party

Has been given notice

What you know to do

You must do well

Providence is calling

To the place of glory

 We will get there, one by one, one step at a time.


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