[Purposeful Life] – Living By Design

You said I should

I said I can’t

It’s not my style

To do that thing

      You said I can

        You know I can

           My talent is sure

               And if I try

                  I could be better than most

But I live not so

My skills are honed

For the master’s use

       He tells me what

          I have to do

               And makes me happy

                   When I obey

I am safe

Well cared for too

Kept from jealousy

And a waste of time

Mistakes are few

If I take instruction

       But not from you

           Unless he says so

               I take it from him

                  The one who loves me

He inspires

He plays my music

And I have learnt to dance

He strengthens my thoughts,

My hands are ready

          He encourages me

                 He adds the spice

                      To a life otherwise dull

And when I’m tempted

To just give up

His hands, my leverage

        To take me higher

              Where my feet

                    Could never  have reached

He shows me what

When and where

To offload the treasure

He loads me with

He helps me see

Things I am blind to

        He makes me do

             What I wouldn’t dare

                   If his loving eyes

                        Were not on me

                            I feel so secure

                               And peaceful inside

So now you see

I’m not like you

I cannot jive

To the popular song

      Unless it is part

           Of the grand design

                This walk  I am on

                      Is often lonely

                            But always worth it

                                 When I see the pleasure

                                       It brings to him

I live by design

My voice, my being

My heights and lows

My sadness, my joys

My gains, my losses

        All by design

           To meet a need

My deep seated need

                      And sometimes of others

                          Some  I may never meet.

My talents, my skills

My style, my rhythm

All for his use

First and foremost

      If you see me

         Coerced by circumstances

             Beyond my control

                  To do those things

                      Which are not in the plan

Please remind me

That my life is better

When I rather

Live by design

Not mine or yours

All his indeed

That grand design

         Might seem to you

             Like a confused construction site

                   The plan unclear to the naked eye

                          But when all is done

                               You will clearly see

I have lived my life

By superior design

So grand it is

My maker’s design.

 When the Plan comes together, You’ll see, Its all been worth it.


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