Just thinking;

I have heard wise men say; ‘It is better to capitalise on your strengths than concentrate on your weaknesses’.  Your strengths account for a huge part of your successes more so than overcoming your weaknesses can do’

But I have come to realise;

That Humans are drawn to their places of weakness out of sheer vulnerability and the desire for self preservation. We often have no choice but to spend time with our weaknesses. We either spend time learning how to overcome them or spend time being overcome by them.

So don’t be surprised if you become a master at teaching others how to overcome or at least making them an audience to your journey towards overcoming.

You were made to find the solutions to those very things that ‘bug’ you so that you can become the one that teaches others how they too can overcome.

So when I listen to you, I learn a lot about your weaknesses ‘Cos they are so keenly portrayed in the things you chase after, in the skills you acquire, in how you use your talents and your resources.

What you unwittingly ‘shout’ loudest about is actually your cry for help.

Your weaknesses are you. They can make or unmake you.

Do you agree with this? What are your thoughts?


4 thoughts on “Weaknesses”

  1. Wow, when you put it that way….I’m sorry I can’t talk to you now. I’M KIDDING!! It is fairly true. I think that it is the search for self that makes one quest knowledge. When you are able to get feedback on something you are posting or ‘putting forth’, you are indirectly asking for confirmation or debate.


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