[The Secret Cry of An Enduring Woman] – Do You See Me? – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

A conversation with God………….

It is Midnight again

My thoughts are racing

Questions fill my mind

The mad dash of the day

Is now at an end

The children are in bed

The world is calm and quiet

All my thoughts turn inwards

Do you see me?

Do you see the tears I cry

The struggles I endure

The ridicule and the heartcry

It is a daily grind

Being what others want

A caring mother

A submissive wife

A daughter to ailing parents

A listening ear

A helping hand

Required to be ready

Always available to one and all

Do you see me?

Trying my hardest

To keep it together

To remain dignified

To take the backstage

To be the one that gives in

During the glory rush hour

When sensitivity dies

Do you see me?

Being the platform

That others step all over

Do you see me?

Carrying the pain inside

Denying myself

Being invisible

Keeper of the peace

Quiet uncomplaining me

Often patronised and disdained

Making others thrive while I survive

Do you see me?

You are the only one I ask

Do you see me?

When I am down

And the tears flow in secret

When my soul seeks peace

When it demands attention

When my woman heart is in need

Desperate need of healing streams

Do you see me?

In times like these

Please re-assure my heart

Your will, Your glory

It’s destination must remain

The journey unended

Deserves no crown

I must continue to seek

To please you only

My desire is you

For honour and beauty

You will bestow

I endure, I grow, I stand

As one chosen by you

Inspired by Psalm 68:11-13  The Lord gave the word, great was the company of women that published it. Kings of armies did flee apace: and SHE that tarried at home divided the spoil. Though you have layed among the pots, yet shall you be as the wings of a dove covered with silver, and her feathers with yellow gold.


17 thoughts on “[The Secret Cry of An Enduring Woman] – Do You See Me? – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo”

  1. I agree with Liz. What a beautiful piece. The silent heartaches and trials of women can be easily overlooked but you have given them a voice here. The voice is one of strength, endurance and overcoming. So great!


  2. These are some of the most beautiful words I have ever heard; words so perfectly placed to give a message, a message rarely heard, but that describe so deeply what I feel and so many others too I am sure. I cannot even begin to express just how this has made me feel. I only wish this could be the biggest news story of all times, and be exclaimed around the world. These are words straight from heaven—-may they be carried everywhere by the angels—to give a voice to the before unheard. Thank you so very much. Your inspiration is a gift, and thank you again for sharing it.


    1. What a great comment. Thanks Elva. I am glad you liked it. I thank God for the inspiration. There are lots of women who feel this way but hardly express it. ‘He’ sees us all. Please visit again.


  3. This so beautiful….so simple, so serene, while reading one is instantly connected to the words, because there is innocence in them that cries to be heard, a tale of women, a strong women who always gives and seldom receives, this is a grand dedication to women in general. Loved every word of it, thank you SELASIE BULMUO for this poem moved me. This poem just goes on to say that me as a poet needs to touch new thresh holds. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you Fairy Dharawat. What glowing compliments. I have found that quite a number of women relate to this poem contrary to the popular belief in some areas that women are more receivers than givers. What women endure sometimes silently is a lot and I am happy to have been able to give it expression in this poem. Thank you foe reading it, liking it and commenting. Please visit again.


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