Just thinking………

Those who are jacks of  all trades but masters of none are usually never quite fulfilled. They will often find that they do not shine at a lot of things they do and this takes the shine out of their confidence and energy levels and makes them second class when it comes to being high acheivers.

But if you can find that one thing you are good at, you will suddenly discover that you are no longer an ugly duckling. You have become a beautiful SWAN. Infact you were a beautiful Swan all along, you just didn’t know it. Your Swan life awaits. Please give up being an ugly duckling. First and foremost you have to be the beautiful Swan you were made to be.

Everyone fits perfectly into their own slot. They just have to find it.

I will love to hear any comments about how you became a ‘beautiful swan’



  1. This is a concept that i explain to people all the time….so it’s refreshing to come across someone that gets it. People were put here to horn a craft that will connect us into one big puzzle. Now, the jack of all trades are the leaders (5% of the population) that need to know just a little bit about everything so they can perform their job of making sure the pieces fit perfectly. Good post!!!!


    1. I like what you say about the jack of all trades. Didn’t think of it that way. Leaders do need to be all round people. Thanks for commenting and for saying that ‘I get it’. That’s a great compliment for someone like me who really really wants to ‘get it’.


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