When Time Stood Still

It was like a still photo

Time captured and framed

Of people in transit

During life’s journey


Faces fixed,

Transfixed in time

Naked desires etched on life’s polaroid

Caught in time, undisguised


The eager face

The hurried look

The captivating smile

The ‘life is mine’ look


The ‘I am so fed up’ stance

‘I just want to go’ look

‘I believe I can fly’

‘Give me a chance’ look


The sober frown

The depressed and sad look

The Secretive brow

The ‘I could care less’ look


The tired but satisfied smile

The ‘I am so angry’ look

So many looks, some unfathomable

Except by the wearer


But if you pay careful attention

You will soon see

There’s a story peering out

A story behind every look


Caught and framed by time

Secrets and sins,

Longings, intents of the heart

You can’t miss it, if you look adepthly


It’s in the eye

It’s in the smile

It’s in the curve of the head

In the body’s sway now fixed


Where did the story start?

Where will it trully end?

Will it take you where you want?

Will it end in despair?


This trail that you are on

If left to move ahead

Will the future have your name

Etched in gold or black?


If time had not famed it so

We will simply pass on by

In our hurry to arrive

At nowhere called somewhere


Time does do us all that favour

It can stand still for a moment

And capture our very being

At a point in transition


The shot is ours

Time will frame it

If we each can spare a minute

To have a proper look



Witha chance to pause

Our faces will announce 

Their own peculiar stories

To each of us anew


With a new perspective gained

Time will give you a paint brush

To add your chosen colours

And change the story’s trail


Or move it on a notch

To a pre-arranged destination

Time will surely be there

In a place called ‘future’


Smiling down at you

‘Cos you took a minute

When others could not wait

To stand still and gaze


When time itself stood still

To teach you your story true

In a picture it framed of you.

Don’t be in such a hurry. Take a minute and gain valuable perspective.


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