SHE – a poem by Selasie Bulmuo

A WOMAN is a QUEEN in the making and a WIFE to him who seeks and finds her. You can be a Woman and not a Queen or a Wife. You can be a Queen, definitely a Woman but not a Wife. You cannot be a Wife without being Woman, and on the journey to becoming a Wife in the true sense of the Word, the Queen in you will be revealed. Every Female must desire to be the combination of the three. Its a winning Combination. 


W – Wide and Vast resources

O – Open to Multiple Uses

M – Made as an

A – Answer

N – Not yet revealed.



Q – Quality Persona

U – Ultra Magnetic

E – Excellent Among Many

E – Endowed With Treasure

N – Naturally Majestic


W – Welcoming

I – Insightful

F – Forgiving

E – Eloquent and Expressive


8 thoughts on “SHE – a poem by Selasie Bulmuo”

  1. Wow Selasie I really admire you and I’m grateful for people like you. God bless you and increase you in wisdom, wealth and health. Amen!


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