Warm Honey Drizzle & Lemon - EXCERPTS

Warm Honey Drizzle & Lemon – Excerpts


To my secret source of many warm honey drizzle and lemon drinks on my cold cold nights…………..you make me wax lyrical…only you, this is for you J.


I announce………

 ………..that life is for the living; but living can make us tired when there are no reprieves from all the dust we

 gather along life’s pilgrim way. This simply blocks our souls and now we go about, nursing our dry, parched,

 blocked up souls.

I have been there, this barren land, trying to soar on broken wings, hopping along, just wanting to live….

 Live….live like I know life is meant to be lived.

Life can make one’s soul weary, feels worse than a blocked nose on a cold winter’s night.

We cannot see through the fog.

We cannot smell the heady scent of the blooming rose,

We cannot sneeze it out, this chesty blockage in our souls,

We cannot cough it out.

I know what gives me sweet slow release

I need that remedy, which does not taste like medicine.

Give me my warm honey drizzle and lemon drink; Let me take a long long swig.

Let me sit awhile and drink. Drink from this serving of the brew of life.

It is relief for my troubled, cold soul. Let the ice melt away, let me live again.

Speak back my life to me, as I curl up warm and cosy to drink from;

These poetic rhymes,

These talking pictures

And real life stories that speak to me of me.

Let me know, I am not alone

Let me know you understand my story, HEAL MY SOUL

2 thoughts on “Warm Honey Drizzle & Lemon – Excerpts”

  1. Selasie, thank you for the visit to LightWriters and for introducing me to your writing. I shall follow with interest! Blessings, Susan


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