Dream Catcher – A Poem

These dreams I gather

All unwanted

Ignored, forgotten

Left to float

Float away

Like a passing wind

Never to return


I am like a transit fairy

With my magic basket

Walking in the forest

Where forlorn dreams

Refusing to die

Hang about and wait

Waiting to be found


I catch them all

Those long lost dreams

I yearn to plant

Within new willing hearts

These dreams belong

With the yearning ones


So sleep again

Sleep a dreamless sleep

I will find you

And plant a dream

To awaken you

To live again


Please open the doors

Of your old hinged mind

Let the fresh forest breeze

Blow away the webs

That entangle your heart

That blind your eyes


Catch this dream

That floats your way

Forget the day

Too planned, too busy

Come with me

I will give you a reason

To dance with life


A dream so great

It can feed your soul

With light and spring

For a thousand years

Let me show you how

To catch that dream


It will take you there

Where angels dare

And fairies like me

Do not exist

To the land of the brave

The dreamers’ place

When you catch a dream

The dream catcher gave


A forlorn soul

Seeking connection

I know I will find you

In the land of dreams

I will be waiting

So sleep, sleep again

Sleep a dreamless sleep


I will meet you there

Where hearts are open

And minds are ready

Ready and waiting

For the dream catcher

To come their way.


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