Passion – The Engine That Moves The Vehicle

Passion is a stoked fire that burns brighter and brighter the more the resting embers are troubled and the ashes of yesterday are taken out of the mix.

Without a decision to stand by your dream, no matter the cost, the journey of passion does not begin. It dies before it’s even started.

The cemetery is full of untapped talent that will never be accessed not because they were not good enough but because the journey of passion was never allowed to begin.

Passion is a now decision. Yesterday does not count.

Whatever your talents, orientations, your intentions etc, passion does not accompany it or you until you re – pledge and reaffirm today, now, and everyday after that, your decision to go all the way, irrespective of the cost, irrespective of the criticisms and failures of yesterday. Come on, let’s stoke the fires.

5 thoughts on “Passion – The Engine That Moves The Vehicle”

    1. Yes. Passion and determination, a belief in the possibility of your dreams against all odds, what some of us call Faith, this can move any mountain in your way.
      Thanks for your comment.


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