[Boredom] – I Am So ‘Un – Bored’

I have forgotten what the word means

I try hard to find a bit of ‘boredom’

But no. My mind gives me no breaks.

If I could increase time

To just 30 hours a day

Perhaps I could take a minute

To enjoy just being ‘ bored’

Even when I take a break

The break is so controlled

Not by me, oh I wish ’twas me

I would have made provision

For  ‘boredom’

My breaks must be chased

Or they run away with time

I try to catch one every so often

But lo. They are too fast for me.

So today I want to try

To practice ‘boredom’

But all I get is ‘ busyness’

All I get is creativity

All I get is engagement

‘Boredom’ quietly whispered in my ears

It’s a very simple trick

Just be friends with idleness

Just be friends with purposelessness

Just be friends with laziness

Just  loose the passion for all you do

And I will gladly come to you

Not only I but my friends too

You’ve heard of them, haven’t you?

Poverty and lack.

They always accompany me


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