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Mother’s Day – A Mother’s Heart 2

A woman should never hold a grudge because as a mother, wife, sister, your job is never done,

No matter how far away your children, your husband and others in your life  seem to go, either through their attitudes, behaviours and choices, they should be able to see your light showing them the way back home.

You must be a trail blazer in the true meaning of the word. Be the one who holds the flickering candle up, so no matter what the future holds, the ones assigned to you can always find their way back to the place of truth and life.

Be an enduring strong woman not an offended unhappy woman. Your reward will never evade you.

Happy mothers day to you all.

Side Note: I have have been thinking about my children’s names and how prophetic they are;

My first born son’s name came easily to us. We had waited for sometime to have him and the medical prognosis was that we will never have children. Imagine how shocked I was when I found out that I was pregnant. So we gave him a name in our local dialects (from Africa). ‘ May Your Way Be Clear’ – that is the english interpretation of his name in my dialect. In my husband’s dialect (we come from different tribes), his name is translated as ‘ Stand firm (stand your ground) and cultivate your Land (what belongs to you)’. We figured that if he could defy the odds and without medical assistance or hope, could come through, then nothing in the future can hold him back.

My son, My first born, I bless you this day with the blessings of the heavens and the earth. Move forward victoriuosly, no limitation can limit you in this life ! Wax great, until you become very great. Take your territory and occupy and enjoy what is yours and let your heart bless the Lord, all the days of your life.

My second born’s son’s name did not come that easily. We struggled with it. We did not think we would have one child, let alone two. He broke through unannounced. I was again unprepared. We finally settled on a name. The name made me quite uncomfortable but I couldn’t change it. Something told me he needed that name. You see most names in our dialects are prayers and wishes. As we call our children by them everyday, those wishes become true in their lives. We named him, ‘Let the night season (the darkness) end’, in my dialect. In my husband’s dialect the name translated as, ‘Learn’. We had no idea then that he will be diagnosed with Autism at just 4 years old. I cannot begin to describe the pain and the ‘darkness’ of those early years. There were days when we blamed ourselves, it must have been something we did wrong. But we were intelligent enough to know that we were good loving parents who desperately love our children and will not intentionally do anything to harm them. This roller coaster daily experience of Autism can only be described as darkness, a night season, watching our cheerful ‘normal’ son change before our eyes, withdraw into his own world, forget how to say his early first words, begin to loose his speech etc. Now, his personality is very strong. He does not give up. He perseveres pass the point where ordinary mortals like us give up. Everything his brother does, he will attempt to do too. He has ‘learnt’ to speak and ‘socialise’ and attends a mainstream school. We continue to see him withdraw more and more from that darkness and learn new things just as his name says. I now realise that God made us choose that name so we as his parents will know that, this Autism was not our fault and also know that a day will come when contrary to popular belief all his darkness will cease.

My Son, my second born, I bless you today. I believe so strongly that you are marked out for greatness. You are destined to take the dragon’s head and tame your environment. You are destined to find the light and to walk in the light. Your future was decided long before you got here. Fear no foe, Go ahead. The future is so bright.

My Daughter, my third born. After a seven year gap, when I thought my child bearing years were over, you broke through as well. Everything about you was and is so easy. Despite circumstances to the contrary, I so enjoyed carrying you. Your name came so easily. Before you came along, many years ago, I chose two beautiful girls names and said to myself that if I ever have a daughter, I will give them one of those names. As soon as I found out you were on your way, your name just dropped into my mind. It was a name I did not particularly like but I knew straight away that it was to be your name. ‘God has given’ ( in my dialect) and in my husband’s dialect ‘God has done it’.

You are so beautiful my daughter. You fIll all the empty spaces left in my heart. I think I have been waiting all this time for you without realising it. You are the sister/mother/ friend I always longed for.You are my gift straight from heaven. A blessing with no sorrows added. I know you have many giftings embedded inside you. You will easily find solutions where others struggle. Your needs have already been met. I bless you my daughter, with a mother’s blessing. May you enjoy your ‘girlhood’ in a way I never did. May you find happiness and joy and peace and fulfillment all the days of your life.

Ps: I felt today is a good day to bless my children. Why should I wait another day?


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