I Am Not That Strong

Not as strong as I seem

I am a fragile flower

That has withstood the winds

I budded right beneath the glare

Of this very bright hot sun

I look so attached, don’t I?

To this stem that holds me here

But only I know the hidden truth

This stem has no hold

It is I that holds on to it

With all my might and strength

I am not so strong you see

My strength’s store already depleted

In so short a life as I have lived

I have needed much to come this far

When I was just a tiny seed

A strong wind threatened to blow me away

Which landed me in my present ground

And there I burrowed very deep

To hide away from the torrential rain

That promised to sweep me away from here

Before I had any chance to grow

So don’t be deceived by my brilliant colours

Or my heady fragrance so sweet to smell

Beneath the obvious allure of me

Is my fragile hold on life’s supply

I have had to give my all and more

To not allow life’s fiery elements

To rob me of my beautiful smile

So as you enjoy my pretty offerings

Don’t forget to handle me with care

My fragile strength must be of use

To hold on still and  trust that fate

Won’t send a storm too fierce

To test  my  frame against its force

I am not that strong and so I ask

Tread gently on my precious ground


15 thoughts on “I Am Not That Strong”

      1. You are so welcome. It is going to be one of my favorites from your collection. Oh here I go trying to pick favorites from yours…another tough job!


    1. Sharmishtha, oh what a sweet compliment. Thank you for coming through here and for reading and liking it too. See you again soon, either here on this blog or on yours when I visit too.


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