The writer’s choice – your dilemma

The choice is yours

Which would you like?

For me to pour out my tears

In torrents you cannot bear

Or for me to pour them out

On reams of scripts and sheets

To keep my heart from going under

To drown the noise of sorrow while I float above

For me to keep sanity where it’s meant to be

Please let me write

For goodness sake

Let me write.


8 thoughts on “The writer’s choice – your dilemma”

    1. Hi Liz,
      Thanks for the comment. Yes , just in a very intense and busy emotional place right now getting ready to bury my mum. Funeral will be in three weeks and finding things a bit ‘undescribable’. Finding I am stopping myself from writing for some reason unknown to me, perhaps will be too much for public reading.


    1. Oh Thanks, my first award. Will check it out as soon as I can. There are rules to follow, aren’t there?
      Thanks Liz, I am highly honoured especially by the ‘beautiful’ part. Thanks.


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