Walk On By

When the light turns red

And you have to wait awhile

Do not worry, do not fret

Soon it will be time

To go ahead again

And when it’s time to move

Just walk on by

When you’ve given your all

And there is still no reward

Don’t let the anguish bite

Don’t let the heartbreak kill

Just take a deep fresh breath

And walk on by

When life makes you small

And you just want to hide

When fear itself confronts

And stops you in your tracks

Let it know your mind

Has long been made up

To just walk on by

Inspite of the storms and tides

You’ve learnt to walk on water

No sinking, No. Not for you

No matter what may come

Just walk on by

Don’t stop even if it feels like hell

Just ahead the light house beckons

So keep walking, keep looking up

Don’t let the waves confuse

Your feet have new dynamics

They can walk on water

So just walk on by

And if by chance you succumb

And feel your feet begin to sink

Remember you are human

We all need help sometimes

Shout out. Say ‘help me please!’

Use your voice, it’s yours

Dont lock fear in, my friend

Free your mind

Access new dynamics

Stand on another sphere

You can walk on water

So just walk on by


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